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PDCA learning

A good carpenter will not use the inferior board to make the back of the cabinet. Although no one will pay attention to it. he will choose superior wood because only then can present the aesthetic feeling and eliminate the hidden danger.

Similarly, LeMoTonger understand that we need to make ourselves a part of excellent quality while making good product quality. Excellence, from products to people, is a system and a complete organizational system.

LeMoTong adheres to three standards for providing “value service”: Correct commercial sensitivity, and timely knowledge of the mobile phone case industry knowledge and information, and efficient and comfortable communication.

The above abilities are supported by specific plans. The weekly learning meeting is a mechanism for the company to maintain the improvement of team ability.

PDCA cycle was first proposed by Dr. Hugh hart, an American quality management expert. It was adopted, publicized and popularized by deming, so it is also called deming ring.The thought basis and method basis of total quality management is PDCA cycle.The meaning of PDCA cycle is to divide quality management into four stages, namely Plan, Do, Check and Act.In the quality management activities, it is required to make plans, plan implementation and check the implementation effect of each work, and then incorporate the successful ones into the standard, and leave the unsuccessful ones to be solved in the next cycle.This working method is the basic method of quality management and the general rule of enterprise management.

Analyze the status quo and find problems.

Analyze various influencing factors in quality problems.

Identify the main causes of quality problems.

According to the main reason, put forward the solution and implement.

Check that the execution results achieve the intended objectives.

Summarize the successful experience and develop the corresponding standard.

Move unresolved or emerging issues to the next PDCA cycle for resolution.

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