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Continuous learning ability to bring brand-level service output!

Self-learning ability of foreign trade staff

In fact, the growth process of the foreign trade team is a process of self-learning, especially in the current e-commerce era, our company's internal training of staff put the self-learning ability of team members in the first place in the assessment.In our opinion, learning ability should be the primary quality for a competent position.My Suggestions for the self-learning ability of foreign trade team members are as follows

1, Strengthen my professional quality in foreign trade

Both traditional foreign trade and the new foreign trade now, being a foreign trade team members we should continue to improve our own professional foreign trade, such as language ability, the pictures were taken and the processing ability, for the product under the control of the process of foreign trade knowledge, the professional knowledge of foreign trade are need foreign trade team members in the daily business of foreign trade practice continued ascension.

2, the habit of studying at a fixed time

For foreign trade, especially foreign trade rookie, you'd better get into the habit of fixed learning, in the morning open a computer to browse information website, the habitual in the morning also can learn a few foreign trade courseware video, the video in foreign trade circles a lot of free learning or training market, the core is to make learning become a habit, every day more sustainable growth.I quite agree with some people have the habit of work diary every day, busy day, I wash up, can very along with the gender to write articles, summarize the foreign trade work goals and comments, such habits if keep for a long time, not only let oneself grow up in foreign trade performance has, for life is actually a kind of very valuable records and comb.

3, Foreign trade people should keep the habit of reading books

I don't know how many people still have the habit of reading paper books. In fact, it is the cheapest and most immediate way for us to keep growing through reading.You can read everything from tips and tools to mind management books and macro information books.

4, As long as the heart, learning is everywhere

Especially in the company has a series of training courses, we must grasp the opportunity to systematically organize their own knowledge and apply it to improve their work ability.In fact, as long as we carefully, learning opportunities are everywhere, for new foreign trade, for experienced colleagues take the initiative to consult, respect for the seniority of colleagues, from the sincere assistant, pay attention to observe, detail record, carefully practice, learning opportunities are everywhere.

5, Product learning is the top priority for foreign trade team members

No matter how foreign trade export mode changes, sales are always specific products or services, so a really excellent mature foreign trade staff should have a very deep understanding of product knowledge, foreign trade staff, especially foreign trade newcomers to the factory workshop more practical learning.

LeMoTong insists that everyone keeps learning and improves the ability to serve customers through learning results. Just like the training of shooting skills, the company spends on introducing professional courses, so that everyone can improve the shooting skills, present the products to customers in a more real and reasonable way, and provide technical support for the efficient communication between the two parties.The company insists on developing its own enterprise character, starting from every detail.

We understand, colleagues from research and development spent a lot of energy and time to every product include phone case and charging cord and phone ring innovation, so we have to at the time of present product features to customers, we need a fair opportunity to products, and photography technology is one of the important part of, with the help of excellent photography technology can present more clear and more perfect product features.

We insist on quality output, from phone case / charging cord / phone ring to product photos and delivery.

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