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Customer visit - USA customers are welcome to visit LeMoTong for business negotiation

Along with development of Shenzhen LeMoTong Technology CO. Ltd. and the continuous innovation of new product research and development, LeMoTong is also expanding the international market and gaining positive recognition and trust from customers in North America and Europe etc..

On May 13rd 2019, Debi from America, came to our company to visit and discuss the implementation of the incremental cooperation project. Make reasonable product supply plan for Cracker Barrel and PAC SUN and confirm the final packaging plan.

Accompanied by CEO Tony and Karen from the supplychain management department, the customer learned about the corporate culture of LeMoTong, visited the LeMoTong's sample exhibition hall and product testing room, and communicated in detail about LeMoTong's strength and advantages, development planning and product sales.

American customers are very strict to product performance and safety parameters, after the visit, the customer said they are very happy with our company the capacity of matching the fast fashion brands sourcing requirements, and present a high degree of evaluation on the ability of fast reaction, through this visit, firm cooperation of both sides more confidence, see the bright future of cooperation, And confirmed the new order on the spot.

Good products and reliable service is the most powerful marketing, thank customers for our company's recognition and support, LeMoTong will be 100 percent efforts, so that customers are 100 percent satisfied.

We have on dream, being a reliable dream team.

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