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At the moment of the epidemic, LeMoTong continues to ensure overseas shipments on time

Since January 2020, the new coronary virus has gradually spread worldwide, and the current domestic epidemic has been gradually controlled, while the overseas epidemic has become increasingly serious. Since the resumption of work at LeMoTong Technology Co., late February, the company's various businesses are gradually recovering on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control.

Recently, as Amazon updated the restrictions on the creation of sellers' shipments, a batch of batches of LeMoTong Technology's cooperative customers ordered but not limited to Amazon's online sales of products including phone case and tempered glass that have been completed and are being packaged for overseas shipments. Obviously, the current international air freight quotation is very high. On the basis of solving the timely stocking, LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd. also provides one-time solutions for cooperative customers in transportation cost control and inventory storage for customers' reference. For example, the combination of the first-way transportation uses international air transportation and express shipping plus the service of sending parts into the FBA warehouse. If some of the goods cannot be entered into the FBA warehouse at one time, it can be paid to use the warehouse in the United States set up by LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd.

Although the epidemic situation at home and abroad is still facing great challenges, LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd. has overcome various difficulties and provided marketable products to overseas customers in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the customer market, and also brought appropriate convenience to the people in the epidemic.

Since the resumption of work, under the careful deployment of the company's epidemic prevention and control leadership group, the employees of each post of the company have done their own protection, worked overtime and overtime, and made up for the production cycle delayed due to the epidemic situation, and the quality and quantity are given priority delivery of the delayed order due to the epidemic situation, timely and high-quality products to provide orders for customers at home and abroad.

Shenzhen LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd. Facebook : @LeMoTongChina Email : Tel : 86 755 3660 2321


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