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2019 annual sum-up meeting

The fruitful 2019 is waving goodbye, and the energetic 2020 is coming. The bell of the New Year has rung, and history is bound to turn a new page.

At this moment of connecting the past and the future, we are gathered here to review the past year's happiness, harvest, summary of the work of the year.

Over the past year, the company is fruitful, including but not limited to:

1, the company enterprise brand construction achievements

2, team, talent introduction, talent development, develop people.

3, enterprise culture construction, we gradually have their own personality.

4, cooperation customers have precipitation

While affirming our achievements, we should also face up to the reality.Every challenge is an opportunity, 2020 is the best opportunity in front of us!

Our vision is that one day in the cross-border supply chain management industry our LeMoTong technology is the meaning of high efficiency.

Our expectation is that one day: the future team size of LeMoTong technology will be 10 times that of today.

Our belief is that we, who we are now, are the seed team to achieve these goals.We can certainly be what we believe we are, what we succeed in!

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