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What about a real wireless earphone for $20,000

Apple's AirPods has been one of the most surprising products in the past few years, opening up a wide market for wireless split headphones, making the wearable device category more valuable. Recently, Ian Delucca, a Los Angeles designer, launched AirPods made of various luxury materials, aiming to integrate art and business perfectly.

The unique AirPods is platinum-coated, with 1000 VVS natural diamonds embedded in the headphones, each with a version number and date of creation. Its bracket is made of marble and can be used for storage, placement and charging.

Its silver metal top looks more elegant than the standard AirPods, while the headphone pole is almost covered in precisely aligned small diamonds, which can be described as trench breathing. In addition, black and white marble brackets also look very collectable.

The price of each set is $20,000, which may be just a commercial expense to attract attention or an investment in art.

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