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Ignoring quality is suicide!

"We must not neglect quality in order to reduce costs, otherwise it would be suicide or homicide. To kill oneself is to commit suicide, to kill everybody, is to kill. Ren Zhengfei said so.

From the current market competition situation, quality has become one of the most important factors for modern enterprises to gain a favorable competitive position, establish a long-term development, and make enterprises succeed.

When founded, LeMoTong insist that we only serve customers who have requirements for quality, because we only know these customers, and we only know these customers. In addition, we believe that with the upgrading of technology and the high price of smart phones, the price people are willing to spend on the phone case or charging cable or phone accessories will also be upward, and the increase in price must be supported by the improvement of quality.

This is also recognized by more and more enterprises, and have put forward their own slogans to improve quality.

For example, General Motors of the United States put forward "let quality on the road", Ford's "quality is the first job" and so on.

In order to encourage enterprises to continuously improve the quality of their products, as early as 1951, Japan set up the National Quality Award, Daiming Award, which is awarded annually to a company that has made outstanding contributions to its quality management project.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Japanese electronic products successfully entered the American market. One of the most important reasons is the high quality of their products.

In contrast, one of the common problems of Chinese enterprises is that the product quality is not high, often relying on the advantages of low cost brought about by the price to participate in international competition.

LeMoTong believes that this is not conducive to their own development, but also to the establishment of a good reputation in the market for our cooperative customers, so we should stand on the basis of win-win cooperative dishes, long-term development and cooperative customers to consider price and quality balance. We need to find ways to optimize costs, but not at the expense of quality.

So, our control of quality is in the brain, in the blood, in the system.To stabilize the quality awareness of the whole system through the promotion and training of quality awareness for a long time."Our goal is to meet the growing needs of customers with excellent products, stable quality, reliable supply service, quality is our life." Starting from the phone case products structure design, through the production line, internal and external joint quality control, and strict selection of suppliers. Finally, back to the level of talents, people have the quality consciousness, the system has the quality process, the enterprise has the quality life.

Shenzhen LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd.

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