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"Golden Supplier" evaluation from Merchgirls

In order to enhance customer satisfaction, casting LeMoTong Technology's (as a cross-border supplier specializing in mobile phone cases, charging cables and mobile peripheral products) product quality and corporate brand competitiveness, since the establishment of the company, the LeMoTong company's quality control department has continuously optimized the quality improvement plan, passed multi-step quality inspection, passed the whole product test, passed Sort out the evaluation elements of key customers and clarify the specific quality improvement direction.

We honestly cooperate with all customers who have chosen us, and are committed to helping them expand their product range, increase sales revenue, and reach new audiences. We look forward to serving more customers, and we make a solemn commitment to the above, and guarantee that you will be satisfied. This is what our team has used since its inception to create products that attract people’s attention and increase sales for customers.

The professional buyer Merchgirls from Australia gave us the "Golden Supplier" evaluation is the LeMoTong company's key customers affirmed the quality work of LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd., is also a natural achievement under our mission, but also the LeMoTong company's quality work in the future continues to improve power source.

Although the results are still very small, all the achievements are a progress of Shenzhen LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd. Thanks to all customers and friends for their support, we continue to move forward!

About merchgirls

Merchgirls is a Melbourne based creative agency that designs and manufactures merchandise and promotional products with a difference.

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