LeMoTong's April is full of harvest

StartFragment StartFragment As the reliable and stable supplier of phone case and mobile accessories,our LeMoTong team has gained more and more customers recognition.What's more,customers would like to visit us and discuss with us face to face frequently. Mr. Rizek Khalifeh is one of them,as the authorized dealer of the T-Mobile,he runs as many as 60 stores in USA,you can imagine how busy his schedule is for two weeks trip in China this time. We've had a short meeting at HongKong Global Source Mobile Electronics Fair last week, today he pay a visit on our company by himself to discuss the mode of cooperation.I think it is our professional attitude that has been recognized by our customers.

One plus 6 shell renderings exposure: four full screen width?

The proportion of one plus 6 of the bangs is very high. It seems that the width of the four sides is basically the same, so the proportion may be higher than 90%. The layout of the back element is a little bit of the meaning of Samsung S9+. The vertical camera is under the bottom of the two color temperature sensor and the elliptical fingerprint module. The rendering is highly reliable because the side key layout is correct. From an official two rendering, a 6 volume key is on the left side of the fuselage, but the mute key moves to the right and is placed above the power key. It is reported that one plus 6 decides to carry Xiaolong 845 chip, equipped with optional 8+256GB storage. As far as

Team learning

LeMoTong is not only a place to work, but also a platform to experience happiness and growth. The company has a Theme Sharing Salon every week. Everyone from the team has the chance to stand on the platform as a sharer. Learn to grow up, work happily, and realize their own value. Do Remember, <<Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind>>, that based on the imagination of "computer virus", there may be another kind of human - Science geek in the future, and what we want is the ability to copy and promote the team self growing and evolving team. There will be no permanent heroes in the team, the rapid social progress, the customer centered values, as a member of the team. What we need to do is to k

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