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The iPhone case, built by the Swiss luxury watch brand - FRANK MULLER


Can you imagine to sell $200000 a iPhone case?

Ordinary people certainly don't think so and dare not to, but it seems the Swiss luxury watch brand "Frank Muller" start firstly. Recently, the Frank Muller to mark the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the "Frank Muller ", has launched an iPhone case, costs 200000 yen.

The iPhone case compatible for support iPhone 6/ 6s / 7/ 7 plus, there are black, gold, rose gold and silver total 4 colors, Frank Muller said its application of the super luxury aluminum alloy for this phone case design. this is the reason why you sell 200000?

In addition the iPhone case has been on sale in Japan on May 1, go for your iPhone if you are interested in......

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