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DIY liquid fidget spinner



Have you heard of fidget spinners?

Originally introduced as a fidget tool for kids with ADHA or austism spectrum disorder,they have exploded in popularity with kids or adult everywhere!If the fidget spinner has hit your home,and you either can’t or won’t buy one for the kids,or maybe your fidget spinner is stuck in the post somwhere,why not have a go at this DIY liquid Fidget Spinner.It really costs just pennies to make and a great craft too! Preparations(all you need): PVC clear vinyl tubing: 1*10 inches (size 1/4”) 1*1 inch (size 5/16”) Glitter: appropriate Baby oil: appropriate Glue : appropriate bearings: 4* 1.28 diameter bearings Step by step :

Start by cut 1*10 inches (1/4”) and 1* 1inch (5/16”) PVC clear vinyl tubing,the 1 inch tube used as a joint to connect 10 inch tube in a circle,put appropriate colorful glitter and baby oil in the tube before it was sealed by glue.The next step is using the glue to assemble 4pcs same diameter bearings as a three-leaf fidget toy.Then put the fidgt toy in the tubing circle and fixed it by glue,now your DIY liquid fidget spinner is ready!

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