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Tailor-made Solution

Rue21 is an American brand chain that offers the latest fashion clothing and accessories for young girls and young boys, with its own style of pop.

LeMoTong team learning and application of TOC supply chain system all time, through the new structure of science to ensure that our VIP customers need to be customized to meet the project, so that every customer can reach our teammates more than 2 at any time, smooth communication, bring the effect of the work and happy please.

LeMoTong assist the solution for our customers fast response, just you need us anytime then we service on line, depends on the organization framework of the project team whom focus on the case only.​

We treasure these feedback from our extremely respected customers, not just because they make us happy. We surely know that these positive comments from the customers just show that we are going in the right direction, and thus help us improve the efficiency of our progress, we cannot and will not miss the chance which make ourselves more more excellent opportunity. Believe that tomorrow and tomorrow of tomorrow, you will have learned about LeMoTong from more occasions of business, as it has the global supply management of high level evaluation, of course, welcome us together, all the way.

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