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Welcome to CES 2019 - LeMoTong

As an rich-experienced professional mobile charging cord & phone case supplier, we have been with outstanding product quality and reliable supply of services based on the market, and bring us LeMoTong company good development step by step. Hereby, thank for always gives us the opportunity to present good products to the consumers and bring them fantastic experience, the respectable brands: rue 21, Charming Charlie, Cesiumtelecom, DSW, NORDSTROM and H&M. Because of your choice and trust that gives our lovely consumers a wonderful shopping and using experience, safe and efficient.

CES gives us a window to show new products, firslty we believe that is recognition from platform for LeMoTong company integrity, is also a heavy with lots of encouragement. Let us show our latest hot products, please appreciate, welcome to call or email, so that we can provide more detailed information

Shenzhen LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing premium protection and design in its products like as phone case and USB charging cord and accessories for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Google, LG, Motorola, tablet and Fashion. LeMoTong is always pushing the boundaries of innovation, developing new top-of-the-line designs. Our focused approach allows us to track rapidly changing style trends, and respond with the best, fashion-forward accessories possible. Team with over 10 years of experience, LeMoTong has always been devoting itself to the principle of 'Quality is Culture'. Especially, from preparing artworks, molding, mass production, to packaging, every procedure is done in under the supervision on experienced workers in our factories. We always make great effort to help our customers to get the right product at the competitive price and help them to develop their business in their market. We have built long-term relationship with most of our customers.

To provide, develop and empower brand/product awareness to the established market needs, accomplished through 99.9% acceptable quality and fast delivery for clients , and supported on quick response service, and innovation in product and cooperation process.

Shenzhen LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd.

Facebook : @LeMoTongChina Email : Tel : 86 755 3660 2321


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