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Shenzhen Pingshan District Cup Basketball Game

Passionate basketball, Enrich your life, get together in HuangJiang Basket Team (Huang Jiang Industrial Limited is the parent company with Shenzhen LeMoTong Technology Co., Ltd.), happy you and me.

The 2018 Pingshan District Cup Basketball Game has already started, and it is scheduled to kick off at the Pingshan Sports Center on the 16th of this month. Start from basketball, the HuangJiang basketball team gathered together a group of fans who love basketball and love life.

It is already a story-telling team. It must be an active participant in the Pingshan Cup basketball game. It is quietly... has been growing.

Life is like the glory of summer flowers. In this passionate season, we are sweating, passionate, fighting, and enthusiastic....

There are a total of 64 teams participating in the New District Cup basketball tournament. As one of the participating teams, we love basketball and we gather here. Together, we enrich our lives and play style.

LeMoTong company insists that creating value for customers is the core of its supply service, and we believe that, the ability of a happy team to create concrete value.

In the field of mobile phone case supply, we will adhere to: happy team, quality products, customer-centric, and create a characteristic supply chain service system to create value for customers.

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