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LeMoTong's April is full of harvest



As the reliable and stable supplier of phone case and mobile accessories,our LeMoTong team has gained more and more customers recognition.What's more,customers would like to visit us and discuss with us face to face frequently.

Mr. Rizek Khalifeh is one of them,as the authorized dealer of the T-Mobile,he runs as many as 60 stores in USA,you can imagine how busy his schedule is for two weeks trip in China this time. We've had a short meeting at HongKong Global Source Mobile Electronics Fair last week, today he pay a visit on our company by himself to discuss the mode of cooperation.I think it is our professional attitude that has been recognized by our customers. People decide what you're like before they even get to know you. If you want to be a good sales, the first thing to learn is try to become professional. It is very critical to be a professional and honest sales, Quality is our culture, product quality service quality and politeness quality all they are part of our Quality system including our honesty , then we will win mutual & fairly chance from our target customers. When customer comes to attend Fair/Exhibition, visits your factory, reviews your quotation list, or asks for sample, that means they have requirements, and they will release firm orders to you. But please, let us say and pay more attention that, we have think about and get the reasonable solution to assist our customer's project to match their quality request and make everything comes just in time in their plan.

However, business, in the other word, it is the matter to communicate with different kinds of person. To focus on customer need, to be detailed is good, but the top level is to be professional. That means ,you are useful, valuable, and can’t be replaced at random to your customer. You show up to assist them to settle down the issue, fix problems and provide the proper solution. Even dialogue also costs their time & energy.

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