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Huawei nova 2 release, sync phone case release

Huawei's new conference this afternoon, the official will preheat has been a long time of nova 2 and nova 2 Plus to the front.The nova 2 series is still the main fashion appearance, high level and the film, such as the overall ascension is very obvious.In addition, huawei invited in the most popular yixing Zhang and xiaotong Guan for nova 2. HUAWEI nova 2 series appearance design is very concise, with full metal body and hidden antenna design, the fuselage thickness of only 6.9 mm, thin and delicate hand feels comfortable.Huawei has also brought light to rear the fingerprint key fingerprint + rings design, improve perceptions of shelter evil people and practices can be reduced at the same time.The machine with obsidian black, light gold, rose gold, blue, grass green aurora five kinds of colour, meet different young people pursuit of fashion trends. Each brand manufacturers of mobile accessories, mobile phone case also sync with popular colors and has been successfully developed for mobile phone cover cases and accessories.

Taking pictures is a nova 2 series one of the biggest selling point.This machine has 20 million pixels front shot Gao Qingmei, the aperture is F2.0, kirin chip, depth calibration ISP, higher resolution, take details more clearly;Double post 12 million + 8 million pixel perturbation, which can realize optical zoom, of which 12 million pixels lens for wide-angle lens, 8 million pixel lens for telephoto lenses, double lens to cooperate with each other, work together, can take pictures of a higher level.It is worth mentioning that nova 2 series camera support before and after the portrait mode, combined with the new upgrade 4.0 system, can be falsified figures highlight the beauty of the background photo.

As independent innovation and independent manufacturer of major mobile phone protection case supplier, the synchronization on new suitable for huawei Nova 2 new mobile phone cover case, designed to streamline for fundamental key, the touch, feel is good, the humanized aesthetic design.

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