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Brand packaging and Mobile phone case

With the continuous development of enterprises, marketing and brand packaging strategy application is more and more widely, Especially the development of e-commerce in the industry of phone accessories and phone case, online shopping experience more need brand influence as a quality support-system, for enterprises to actively explore and innovative marketing strategy and brand packaging strategy, guide enterprises to better development, improve the overall market competitiveness of enterprises, to obtain greater economic benefits. First, marketing strategy analysis 1. Improve product reputation and public praise, pay attention to improve the corporate image With the rapid development of economy, more and more kinds of products, more and more competitive, and only by good reputation and public praise products in the fierce market competition, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. And a good image of enterprise to increase consumer confidence in the product, let consumer when buying such products can quickly think of this product in many similar products, because consumers generally prefer to word of mouth is good, you trust products, and finally to buy the products, to increase product sales, for the enterprise to create a better environment for development, improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises. That is to say, the modern enterprise competition, has the quality of competition gradually from the past into a brand, reputation and image of the competition now, therefore, enterprises should actively improve product reputation and public praise, pay attention to improve the corporate image, enhance the overall status of the enterprise, promote the healthy and long-term development of the enterprise.

2. To establish a stable good customer relationships The traditional business marketing, business and consumers is a comparison of a single mode of one-way communication, mainly through some advertising let consumers know their products and enterprises, seriously hindered the enterprise and the consumer for effective communication and exchanges, make consumers in a relatively passive position, understand the advertising convey the product information in a passive way, has great limitations, and enterprises can't from the practical point of view of consumers understand the product, and the new demand for the product. But with the continuous development of modern information, the enterprise only for effective communication and exchanges, and consumers can timely understand the consumer to the actual view of the product and the new demand for the product. At present, corporate customers can use Facebook, Twitter, enterprises websites, BBS and so on a variety of ways for effective communication and exchanges, and in this way, enterprises can also learn about the latest demand in the first place, to create products that meet the consumer demand. Consumers also can grasp the newest trend of the enterprise at any time and new product introduction, and pass their own opinions and Suggestions in a timely manner to the enterprise. Now many companies have established their own information platform, the establishment of a stable good customer relations, at the same time attract many new customers are added to make the rapid growth of our own consumer team, greatly improving the enterprise's sales, promote the faster and better development of the enterprise.

Second, the brand packaging strategy analysis With the rapid development of economy, the influence of the brand is more and more big, the people's attention more and more is also high. Reflect particularly is now cross-border e-commerce development, For example , Global sources Mobile electronic Fair in HK, there is special exhibition zone service for Amazon buyers, over top 1000 buyers have their own brand on Amazon, and they request high quality packaging design box for their mobile case when they talked to us, everyone wants to make best phone case quality and best shopping experience as a brand company. Now, as it were, enterprise competition is brand competition, only good will own brand management, to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition. And as the external factors of enterprise brand, brand packaging function is becoming more and more big. Especially with the continuous development of modern science and technology, the enterprise products on quality, technology gap is more and more small, only to the unique design of the packing of products, to effectively attract consumers' attention and desire to buy. 1. The in-depth investigation to the market Different brands have different consumer groups, therefore, enterprises should clear its own brand will face of consumer groups, familiar with the consumer demand for products of the concrete, which on the one hand, and which part of the most valued products or features, to have a purpose, a targeted design satisfy this kind of consumer products, and gradually formed its own unique brand. Companies to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition, not only to the specific needs of consumers are familiar with, familiar with competitors' situation is even, to focus on competitors' actions, and actively rivals the scientific analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of only the enemy and know yourself, to develop the right market competition strategy, give full play to their advantage.

2. Brand positioning accurately To carry on the accurate brand positioning, which is beneficial to deepen consumer awareness of the brand, let consumer is buying this type of product, the first time think of the brand. This would require the enterprises fully understand the characteristics of its own brand, Outlines the unique brand personality, this personality can convey to consumers in the first place, such as chanel convey to consumers in the first place is a noble, sexy temperament; Starbucks in the first place convey to consumers is a warm, pleasant and comfortable feeling. Distinctive brand features, as it were, can let consumer in the shortest possible time to understand the product, and recognize and accept the product. Only understand brand attributes is not enough, the enterprise need to clear their own brand core value, and then through a variety of effective means to the core values of its own brand vivid, vividly represented, raising consumer awareness of the brand is very understanding, deepen the memory of the brand, to achieve the purpose of better sales of the products. 3. To develop packaging design principles, clear packaging goals If you want to achieve good effect of brand packaging, you must adhere to the following principles: the principle of unifying the visual image. Specification, clear brand vision system, is a successful brand packaging design must have, in this way, the enterprise brand image can be continuously strengthened, faster and more effective brand image communication, deepen the consumer impression of the brand, increase the consumer's purchase desire.Secondly, the design style of the consistency principle.A brand is obviously different from the most fundamental sign another brand is consistent style design, brand packaging design and style is consistent, can let the consumer to the enterprise brand has a unified and systematic, complete, can be in many different styles in the design of similar products at identify the brand, is conducive to the spread of the brand image.It is important to note that a brand design style once don't change easily, to deepen the consumers to the brand familiarity.The principle of three is to strengthen the personality image.Different brands have different packaging design, and personalized packaging design the most can reflect the personality of brand, also is the main starting point of the enterprise marketing.With the advent of the era of information technology, the product packaging design is no longer a simple text, images, or a combination of expression, but incorporates many elements of art, unique art design is a comprehensive, only in the design reflects the image and brand personality to stand out in many commodities, to attract the attention of consumers.In the actual brand design, designers can in product different aspects, such as size, shape, color and actively use photography, painting and calligraphy for the unique design, will enterprise concept, enterprise culture into the brand image, to form the unique brand image, improve brand identification, deepen the consumer impression of the brand, enhance confidence in the brand.

The last All in all, the modern enterprise to take the ultimate goal of marketing and brand packaging strategy is to obtain greater economic benefits, improve the overall market competitiveness of enterprises, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.Therefore, enterprises should actively explore and innovative marketing strategy and brand packaging strategy, constantly improve the product in the market share and competitiveness, to win more customers trust and favor, make enterprise to obtain long-term development.

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