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Who we are? - mobile phone case

What we think is that, Cover case is the perfect solution for giving a second life through personnalized and professional process not only to mobile phones, but also to tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops!

1) The LeMoTong team work in the phone case industry began 2006, in the early

days of the mobile accessories industry, with specialised experience over 12 years.

2) Our team has been growing, the current annual target is more than 100 people

3) We promote high quality performance output as our main priority, and we are flexible, adapting to suit our partners' requirements and budget

4) We provide reliable & cooperation, in addition to conventional standards

5) LeMoTong pride ourselves of social and environmental responsibility

Our slogan –LeMoTong will strive in all areas to achieve exceptional standards, and convince customers of our long term commitment to them

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