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Genuine Leather Case Laptop Sleeve

Main selling Point:

1. FINEST QUALITY GENUINE LEATHER. This bag is made using 100% genuine calfskin leather that is elegant looking and will last for long time. It does NOT contain any synthetic, artificial, imitation, faux, PU or bonded leather.

2. ELEGANT IMPRESSION:Each laptop sleeve is elegantly designed and individually checked for quality. This sleeve makes the best gifts for any special occasions.

3. PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Wedding, Graduations and Perfect Holiday Gift.

Product Feature:
1. Exclusive Design
2. Genuine leather designed
3. Easy to Use
4. Full coverage protection

Genuine Leather Case Laptop Sleeve

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    LeMoTong may not be the fastest delivery in the world, but we can guarantee more than 95% of on-time delivery, so that everything happens in the customer's plan.

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